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Five Most Promising New Developments in Digital Marketing for 2022

Nothing in this universe is constant or stays the same forever. From the tree in your yard to the colleague sitting next to you at your office, everything changes- either grows or dies, gets better or worse. Digital marketing is no exception. It is changing and evolving EVERY DAY. 

Almost 85.4% of Internet users look for information online at least once a month. Google processes at least 40,000 queries every second on average. You can only imagine the online exposure your brand can enjoy if you hit the right notes of digital marketing. Keep an eye on the following five most promising digital marketing trends that will strengthen your position in the online space. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

1. First-Party Cookies 

A first-party cookie is nothing but a code that is generated and saved on your website visitor’s PC by default as soon as they visit your site. Some companies may use the cookie for user experience and gather information about passwords, basic data and other preferences. 

All of us have worked with first-party cookies. Why do you think Amazon remembers your login details, items you stored in the cart, your language, etc., every time? That’s because Amazon uses first-party cookies to improve your user experience. 

Your website visitors are informed before they accept the third-party cookie. The first-party cookie, however, gets accepted automatically. If your marketing strategies depend on data for advertising, targeting target audiences or pop-up ads, this is something you must know. Websites will soon have to eliminate third-party cookies and use first-party cookies instead. Thus, you have to be more mindful of the data you would collect and use in digital marketing

2. Short DIY videos 

The concept of short videos with a story might have started with TikTok, but now it has shifted the entire social media landscape. Other platforms jumped on the bandwagon, such as Instagram with Reels and YouTube with Shorts. 

What is the impact of short videos on marketing?

• According to a study by the Advertising Research Foundation and TVision Insights, six-second ads on TV captured 8% to 11% more attention than longer ads. This shows how effective short videos of somewhat six seconds would be on consumers. 

• Short videos convey your brand message through creative visuals without consuming a lot of time. People would rather watch and engage in a 15-second video rather than a longer one. 

• It is an excellent opportunity for you to educate your users throughout the marketing funnel. The right videos will help you build trust and credibility among your target audience. 

3. The metaverse

It’s time to think about the metaverse as a part of your 2022 digital marketing strategies. According to Per Patrick Casey, the director of growth marketing at Felix Health, metaverse will help marketers:

• Experiment with how long consumers can hold virtual objects 

• How much space the objects take in a user’s peripheral vision

• Where users are looking while experiencing an ad

The metaverse isn’t entirely about Facebook or gaming experiences. It is the virtual world of augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars, virtual reality and videos. It is an entirely new virtual universe where people work, socialize and even play. 

Consumers crave experiences. The more you provide them with something new to experience, the more trustworthy your brand becomes. The metaverse transforms the 2D world into a 3D experience that is more real. This virtual space can create limitless experiences for consumers in different industries. 

4. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has gradually gained quite a lot of momentum in digital marketing. The process is simple. You collaborate with influencers and request them to endorse your product. The influencer promotes your product to her/his huge number of followers. Influencer campaigns provide both relevance and context regarding your brand. You can also request the influencers to leave a review about your brand. Let’s say you provide ghostwriting services online. So, the influencer can talk about how reliable the ghost writers at your firm are and so on. Influencers have a huge following on social media. So, chances are your brand will get plenty of online exposure through these campaigns.

Remember, influencer marketing doesn’t produce quick results. It is because this marketing strategy isn’t about selling your product directly. Instead, it is about demonstrating your credibility, thought-leadership and authority in your industry. 

5. Mobile commerce

It is needless to say that we are now living in a mobile-centric world. From the time you wake up till the time you hit the sack, you are most likely to have your smartphones by your side. This unexplainably addictive connection with mobile phones made mobile commerce quite a buzz in this industry. Mobile commerce encompasses the use of mobile devices in the purchasing cycle of consumers. 

Some tips to remember:

• Make your website responsive. 

• Keep the CTA button big enough to attract shoppers. 

• Use the entire space available on the website. 

• Tailor the online experience to provide your website visitors with a reason to come back. 

• Get rid of distractions from the checkout page. 

Amazon, for example, launched Amazon Pay to bring mobile commerce to its target audience. Several merchants have added Amazon Pay as their primary payment vehicle to boost sales. Google came up with Google Pay which again is a classic example of mobile commerce. 

Wrapping Up, 

If anybody had told me concepts such as AI, voice search optimization and data-driven marketing a few years earlier, I wouldn't have believed any of it. Today, these are the top digital marketing trends. Similarly, the developments discussed above might not have gained considerable momentum yet. But, these are the future of digital marketing. With an increase in the competition in the online space, it is better to embrace the trends as soon as possible. It will help you stay ahead of the competition and help you thrive in the industry. 

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