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Instagram Hacks You Should Know In 2022

Do you spend most of your time with your Instagram? But you don’t know how you make your account look decorative for your users. 

Don’t worry!

I am giving you some Instagram hacking tricks that can make your posts innovative and I can assure you that those posts can satisfy your followers. 

Day to day, Instagram has come with new features and the users use those features in a very innovative way.  

But! But!

It looks so boring and it cannot catch your viewers on your account. Here, I present some important hacks that you can use to makeover your Instagram account as well as yourself.   

Instagram Hacks

Some Instagram Hacks For You

1. Layer photos on video

This is one kind of innovative way to make your Instagram stories more attractive and surprising. You can add extra context to a photo. I want to give an example to you. Like you want to share a new feature of the product with a video of the products in the background. 

Can you imagine how it looks? 

It looks so impressive and innovative as well as informative. This Instagram hack you can try for a better experience. 

Let’s know how you can do this with your own Instagram stories. You have to follow some steps.

- First, You can record a new video or you can select one of the videos from your gallery. 

- Second, you go to the sticker menu. 

- Third, you have to choose the photo sticker.

- Fourth, simply you just select the image which you want to share on your Instagram story. 

- Your selected image will be a layer on top of the video. 

After that, you can resize your photo and make it as you want. 

2. Make Your Text As Your Brand Colors

If you are an active user, you know that Instagram allows you some limited colors. But now you can change it!

You need to just follow some tips to use this feature. 

Select the brush tools from the Instagram story features. 

After that, you need to tap and hold down any of the default color circles and you will see a color soldier pop up. 

Then you need to slide the color slider to find your preference as per your brand and preference. 

However, it can say that it looks so colorful when your thoughts and preference can match your Instagram profile that it should be eye-catching for your users. 

After following this Instagram hack please let me know how it is effective on your Instagram profile by giving your valuable comment in the comment section.  

3. Patterned Backdrop For Sharing a Feed Post

It looks more visually interesting. It is a great way to make your posts more visually appealing to your followers, and that special someone who you dearly wish sees the post.

Don’t lie!

Weren’t you the one asking how to I tell him I like him?

Well, weaponize your Instagram.

Now, coming back to business.


If you want to maintain your followers for your Instagram profile then you should maintain the quality of your posts and share stories as well as you need to surprise your followers that make them interested to know you. 

Now I’m sharing the way where you can go to renovate your Instagram profile. 

- First, you need to take a screenshot of a feed post where you would like to share your stories, and don’t forget to crop it.

- Second, you just touch the ‘share’ option on that original feed post and click on “Add post to your story. 

- Third, if you want to fill the post, the entire screen, so you just stretch the feed post until the screen. 

- You can open your camera and select the background image or pattern as per your choice. 

- And finally, you can paste the screenshot that you have taken in the first step. 

- The last step, upload your story.

4. Link Sticker

Have you reached the 10,000 followers mark? 


You can use this feature rather than you can say Instagram hack. Once you reach that milestone, you can easily benefit from Instagram.

It has been seen that Instagram has replaced ‘swipe up’ links with ‘link stickers.’

I mention it in the following way. 

1. Make an Instagram story as usual.

2. Tap on your top of the screen (sticker icon)

3. Choose a link sticker.

4. Add the link where your followers can go 

What, You have not crossed 10K yet?

I have some other hacks for you, my friends! 

You can also use link stickers to guide your followers to your website. But you need to follow another way. Mention in the below part. 

1. Just create an Instagram Video but make sure it needs to record for 1 minute. After that, you can put the ink where you want to direct your followers to the caption.

2. Give a short description of your link (for example, any announcement). Or you can add your title. 

3. Create a new Instagram story and put down your link on that. 

4. You will choose your own video that you want to add to your story. 

5. You can fill the background with your fav colors. 


People can see the content by tapping on the link in your sharing video.

5. Unlock secret GIFs

Do you have some curiosity to know the secret GIFs? You also noticed that some use the features of Instagram on their content.  Here are some hacks to know it and share some application tricks also.

They just know where those GIFs are. You can search for those GIFs by using the term ‘plan.’  


So, now you have some interesting ideas to make your profile innovative and surprising for your followers.

Just follow those processes and gain huge followers gradually. 

I can assure you that it can fulfill your demand as well as your followers' desires from you. If you have some more ideas that you can share also with us in the comment section. 

I’m looking forward to your feedback! 

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