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How to Create Free Blog on BlogSpot and Earn Money

In Today’s modern world, do you need to start blogging? The first thing is required to how to start a free blog. The internet is full of free blog sites like word press, BlogSpot and ghost etc. BlogSpot is a Google-free blogger platform, and here you know to create a blog on BlogSpot. It is very easy and simple to make a BlogSpot. A blog is a web-based individual or group of people regularly updates with the content. Each will update with the content. Each and every new update on a blog is known as a blog post. The blog posts will be based on various particular topics depend on the blog niche. Here are some lists about how to create free blog on BlogSpot and earn money.

Create free blog and earn money

Why do you need to blog?

There are a number of reasons to start blogging to name few are

Marketing business online

Make money online without any investment

Showcasing their writing skills

Supporting a social cause

Professional networking

How to create a blog and make money today:

If you are interested in taking the leap and studying how to begin a blog that can grow into a source of real online income, then let’s dive in

Pick your blog name:

The first and foremost thing is to pick a name and niche for the new blog you are creating. The name of your blog is what the readers will look at first, so it should ideally represent with some general topics, or it could be your own personal name of your business, a combination of the words or otherwise. Your blog is a general topic area that you will be focusing your content around. For instance, things include like food, travel, fashion, technology, lifestyle and otherwise. Incorporating the word that clearly signals what your content or blog is about within the name of your blog will be helpful for your upcoming blog readers.

Get your blog online:

The important step in begins a blog is actually getting your blog online. That’s what a web hosting company will do for you. In this guide, you will be choosing the blogging platform and web hosting plan that you will use to get your blog online.  The combination of this blogging platform many will use is a word press. Word press is a free publishing platform that has been around for a long time, and now more than 60 per cent of all blogs are on Today’s internet. This type of combination is what you will be using to create a blog.

Choose the plan:

First, you need to choose a hosting plan. Personally, some people will recommend choosing the choices plus plan because it comes with domain privacy which will help to protect your personal detail from being published anywhere online. Select this plan to get the domain privacy feature that will protect your all information, but any of these plans will do as you begin your blog. You can add some domain privacy later only during the checkout process for around one month.

Select your blog’s domain name:

Once you get to this step in the checkout process, you just need to type the name of the domain name that you will like your blog to have yours. If the domain name of the choice is not available, you can either try another option that comes to mind or choose the option to select the domain name later after getting the rest of the account squared away and speaking a little more time to think the name through.

Creating your account:

Start by filling in your account information like email address and name others. It is super important to use an up to date email address because this is where your login information and account information will be sent. If you don’t need to enter your details manually, you can connect your account with your Google account.

How to start making money with a blog:

Building the readership:

There are number of ways to monetize your blog once you have the best number of visitors. But when you are just starting out, you don’t need many readers, so it is very important to make the most of each one. That means you need to make sure the beginner readers of your blog will come back. Only by having readers will you ever build a sizable audience that you can profit from. Every time you send an email to your list, offer products or just get them to visit your blog again, where you can earn money from the ads. This is exactly what every big company do with their mailing lists. They will send out offers on a weekly or daily basis.

Monetizing your blog:

Once you have created a readership base, you can turn the attention to making money from your blog. There are different ways to do this one of the ways bloggers earn money also happens to be the simplest and easiest advertising. Having a huge number of visitors to your blog means that advertisers will pay to have the ads shown to readers. The simplest and easiest way to blog for money is to get pay for advertisements on your blog. Every time one of the visitors clicks on the ad, you get immediately paid for that. Google collects money from the advertisers and then provide you with a check.

How to AdSense approval with a BlogSpot blog?

AdSense approval

Create at least 30 to 50 posts before thinking about AdSense, so you will have more chances of getting approval for your account. Make sure to get 1000 people a day to have higher chances of getting your account along with some decent earnings. You can also research or connect with other visitors with the approved account, as it makes it easier for you to begin monetizing your blog’s content without waiting for approval from Google.

Bottom line:

Finally, this above mentioned detailed guide on creating a free blog on the BlogSpot platform helps you not only to begin a blog but also helps you start earning more money. If you find this detail helpful, share it with others to start their own blog on BlogSpot.  

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