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How Can You Boost Your Blog With the Latest SEO Tactics?

Blogs have come a long way since their inception a few years back. Audiences admire blogs over articles and journals due to personalized forms of information. Now, people upload thousands of blogs in a day on a subject. How can your web page come on the first page of SERPs? Do you want to maximize CTR on your website? 

Most of the traffic doesn’t go past the first page of search engine results. So, optimizing your blog helps you capture maximum leads. And it is the delivery, presentation, and addressing customers’ needs that matters the most! It works effectively to give a boost to your conversions and generate more revenue. 

You can follow this post to get more ideas on workable SEO techniques for writing an out-of-the-box blog.

SEO tactics

What are the SEO tactics for attracting more traffic to your blog?

Some content marketers consider SEO as a redundant way of getting customer’s attention. But, is it so? No! Search engine optimization is highly productive in:

1. Understanding the client’s intent behind a search.

2. Focus on keywords and detailed content.

3. How can you do effective guest blogging?

4. Use smart email marketing

5. Create worth-sharing images and infographics.

Let’s cover these topics in detail:

Understand the client’s intent behind a search.

Is your blog topic matching with the customer’s intent? Are you writing about the subject that users are interested in? If you write on a topic, not in demand, who’ll look at your blog.

Google autocomplete will tell you what users are searching for. Please type a query in the search console; Google will complete it with other relevant words. Other than that, you can look in the open forums like Quora, Reddit whether customers like these topics or not.

Now, you have a list of relevant topics. After this, the customer’s intent will determine the course of your blog. Sometimes:

1. Customers want a detailed description of the product, issue, or service.

2. They intend to read actionable information on the subject.

3. Users want to see other customer reviews and how their experience was.

4. What are the similar options available in the marketplace?

When you match your blog with what target readers require, it will fetch more organic traffic. 

Focus on keywords and detailed content.

Keyword research is the most effective way to attract more readers to your website. There are many tools available online like:

Ahref keyword explorer


Google Keyword planner

You can look at keyword difficulty, search volume, and competitor’s keyword ranking. Further, analyze competitor gap analysis to assess what is the best topic to write. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for as they have low competition.

Design an attractive headline. Headlines may seem to be a simple thing. But, it matters a lot in boosting clicks on your webpage. It arouses the curiosity of the customers.

Come up with unique perspectives and solutions to the user’s problem. When you think from the user’s point of view and then design posts, they can relate better with the blog.

Other than that, Google doesn’t rank short posts of 500 words. And users can’t keep their attention longer than 3000 words. So, it is best to cover content in detail with a word count ranging from 2500-3000 comments.

How to do effective guest blogging?

SEO strategists often disregard guest blogging as the unnecessary part of writing blogs. However, effective guest blogging brings tons of traffic to your landing page. There are three steps to achieve this:

Select topic for blog

It is better to look out for blog topics that are not yet covered in your niche. If not available, then make the list of primary keywords and linked topics with it. You can combine them and design blog topics with a new angle.

Find suitable websites

Google prefers links from authority websites. You can check by two methods:

1. Put the long-tail keyword in the Google search console and check the ranking.

2. Assess their social media presence. You can cross-check through their social media sites.

Outreach them

Authority sites generally provide email id to accept requests for guest blogging. Send them personalized mail that how you like their work. Along with this, mention your previous work URLs. 

If you have done marvelous work on your website, they will likely accept your invitation for guest blogging. See their guidelines before start writing. And write a remarkable and well-researched piece of content to bring more visitors to your site.

Use intelligent email marketing.

Email marketing can bring massive traffic to your blog page. But, it needs proper strategy and correct implementation. There are millions of every sent every day. However, most of them are dead. To create alive emails, you can:

Create your target email list

You might be sending emails blindly. It will be simply a loss of time and effort if not bringing readers to your site. So, create an email list depending on their interests, behavior, and profession. 

It is necessary to nurture your leads. Send them regular emails with appropriate newsletters, ebooks, or other Calls to action.  

Choose your A-class blogs 

Average blogs will decrease your reputation. And customers won’t return. Thus, select A-class blogs for email marketing.

Work on your website

If the loading speed of your website is more than 4 seconds, then it will be the worst user experience. More images and HD quality images reduce the loading speed. So, compress them before uploading them to the website. 

Make navigation and design of website clutter-free and straightforward. It increases the relevance of existing content on the web page. Use internal links to high converting web pages. In this way, the traffic on those pages will amplify. And it will lead to an increase in revenue generation.

Create worth-sharing images and infographics.

Images are vital for illustrating your text. It increases the time spent on the web page and sends a positive signal to search engines that this web page is beneficial for the readers.

Infographics are the most helpful tool for directing the readers through the timeline, steps, lists, or significant points related to the blog.

And human mind grabs visual information 60,000 times faster than written text. Explain infographics well as search engines don’t understand images. Therefore, design and upload worth sharing pictures and infographics. It will enhance your social influence and bring indirect traffic.


Let’s wind up; blogs are the best way to promote your product, services or explain your viewpoints on a subject. SEO can take your blog page ranking at a higher position. And boost its reliability and credibility to the next level. 

Start by building strong blog content. 

Specify high converting pages with internal linking.

Use relevant images for a better understanding of the readers.

Emails are a shortcut route for reaching the target audience.

Use optimization strategies mentioned in the article above to nurture more leads with your blog.

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