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How Do You Design a Website That is Easy to Find?

Designing a website that is easy potential clients to find can be like making your “needle” stand out in the gigantic haystack of the Web. Bringing clients to a website like Fabric World Seattle website’s actual needles, fabrics, and patterns could involve many steps for any type of business to follow.

Design a Website That is Easy to Find

Just as a sewing pattern has a set of instructions to create the best possible results; designing a website that is easily found by clients and search engines also can follow a set format to ensure a website reflects the business in the best possible way and is easily found amongst the billions of comparable websites. Having an accessible website that is quickly found by your target audience is crucial to a business and its image online and in-store.

By following these simple steps, you will be on your way to helping visitors find their way to your site.

Step 1. Planning is Key

Before a business like Fabric World Seattle could even consider designing a website to focus on SEO (search engine optimization), they had to figure out what the search engines are looking for in the first place. In the case of a retail outlet, the purpose of the site for SEO might be to bring clients for retail sales or classes. As you decide what your reason is for designing your website to focus on SEO, consider the following: your business focus, what you are selling, your customer base and target customer, and your website’s focus and function for visitors.

Step 2. Words are Key

To help your website rise to the top of the search engines, consider what best describes your business and then make a list of the top five to ten key words. Keeping the list short makes it easier to create website copy that utilizes these words for SEO. Look through your print ads and your current website if you already have one to see what words come through most often. When you describe your business to bricks-and-mortar clients or write press releases, what words do you find yourself using most often?

For Fabric World Seattle, the keywords might be: sew fabric, sewing Seattle Washington, and sewing classes WA, because of their sewing and fabric based-focus. A service oriented business might chose words that also focus on their excellent service or the types of services that they offer. These key words are crucial for visitors that search on the major search engines for your site. You should use them liberally and frequently in your content. You should also make sure that you update content when you can so that search engines looking for new content find your site.

Step 3. The Third Element and Contact Information

The title bar on your browser is a key element in helping visitors recognizes your site. The content title should be different for each page to keep the title bar from becoming monotonous. Fabric World Seattle might use the title bar with “Fabric World Seattle” followed by page titles like: Learn to Sew which offers several key words as well as a clear view of what the site offers.

Just as your company’s name might run in your title bar, you should have a clear contact option that offers not only your visitors a way to find or contact you but also gives search engines the same information to feed to searchers. This information can range from an address and contact phone number to a contact form for responses.

Step 4: Navigate the Web

Just as you want your site to be easily found by search engines and visitors, you also want navigation to be simple. The site map for your website can be a crucial part of the virtual map that you use to direct visitors to and through your site. The sitemap’s concise view of your site’s content can help draw visitors further into the site with the first impression they perceive.

Final Words

With site growth, you can simply edit the site map to indicate changing pages. Updating the site map also helps keep your site current with search engines. New content helps you to rise to the top and the site map is a valuable tool in helping you achieve that goal. If visitors to Fabric World Seattle didn’t see that a new page had been created offering a new series of sewing classes; the store might miss out on the additional business they were hoping to create.

Following these simple steps will help your visitors and the search engines locate your virtual “needle in a haystack”, raising your traffic and business to a new level.

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