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Social media for Restaurants: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Do you own a restaurant and struggle with social media for restaurants? Is your restaurant business strategy limping along? Don't worry through this guide; you have taken the first step to get social media working for your restaurant business.

Social media these days is one of the crucial parts of running a modern business and is getting famous with time. According to the latest report, social media has a whopping 4.33 billion active users, and this number is increasing every year. So, you can say that social media marketing has been here to stay for a long.

That means due to the best social media marketing for restaurants, you can expand your customer base and turn your visitors into regular and loyal customers. Now the question arises what makes social media platforms so famous? The reason is comprehensive connectivity and broad reach. Apart from that, through social media, you can connect with your near and dear ones all across the globe. Overall, it is simple, free to use, and not the least accessible.

In a report, it is found that more than 371 million posts are tagged on Instagram related to food and drinks. Apart from that, around 88% of the people are influenced by online reviews and online comments. So, having intentional best social media marketing for restaurants is essential for bars and restaurants.

social media for Restaurants

Why does a restaurant need social media?

One of the primary reasons is your target audience spends a lot of time on various social media platforms. But several other reasons deliver a reason for a restaurant to be on social media. Let's talk about those reasons: -

These days every restaurant business is indeed on social media. We are not saying to copy everything your competitors are doing, but if you are not on social media, your target audience will start favoring them.

It delivers the right way to generate traffic to the website, which increases online orders.

Being an excellent promotional channel, it offers you an opportunity to promote every single thing to your loyal customers.

Next, it is an incredibly cost-effective form of advertising in which you don’t have to pay to be a brand. Moreover, if you also go for paid advertisement, it is much cheaper than any other form of online advertising. It is the best platform to interact with your customers.

Which social media channel should you use for your restaurant?

It is pretty tempting to hop on every social media platform to make your customers, and it is not the right marketing strategy. Instead, you can choose the one platform that suits your business and allows you to reach your target audience. However, this will help you dedicate ample time and resources to that particular channel to get excellent results.

Here are the few factors you must consider before choosing any social media platforms to promote your restaurant business.

Type of restaurant

First, consider whether you are running a fast-casual restaurant or a fine-dining one? Well, if you talk about the former, then it can be promoted on casual platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but the latter needs Facebook and Twitter

The reason is casual platforms are used by the age group 18-34 years while Facebook and Twitter are famous among the age above 24 years.

What your competition is doing


Look for various brands in your field that are doing well with the help of social media having a large following and engagement. This way, you can get an idea of what's working best for them and understand what will work best for customers around you. 

Your target audience

There are various factors on the basis of which you can find your customers are present on like, age, gender effect, geographic location, etc. In this regard, there is a report that states Facebook ad reach is highest in India compared to any other nation.

Apart from that, Twitter's reach is highest in the USA.

Once you have done the research on the basis of the above factors, you can pick the best social media platform that aligns with your business goals.

Tips for building a successful social media strategy for your restaurant business

Create high-quality content

It is true that every post on social media will represent your brand, and it is the platform on which you will get your first potential customer. This can only be possible if the content you post on the platform is of high quality. 

Because all social media platforms are overcrowded with brands and if you want to stand out of rest, you need to create your content engaging and impressive. Apart from that, write what your target audience loves to read or see. 

Post at optimal times for your restaurant

It is essential to know the best time to post your content on social media but ensure to understand your core audience first. That means take your time to analyze your current audience so that you can reach them easily. 

Let's understand this with the help of an example: if you own a restaurant that doesn't open till 8 pm, then posting about any dish will not work well at 9 am. For this, you can take the information from restaurant brands' best time to post.

Be consistent

Diners follow hundreds of brands on social media platforms, and it is your responsibility to catch their attention by posting consistently. That means using every single style of content if possible to attract your target audience like Instagram stories, reels, Facebook stories, etc. 

With this consistency, your chances of getting visible will become high.

Go for originality

Showing what you actually are is imperative. That means the post you share online should be freshly curated, keeping your audience in mind. The reason is almost every individual likes originality and also appreciates something unique, and also it is the excellent way to engage people with your brand.

Add a book now button.

There are some social media platforms that allow restaurants like Facebook and Restaurant to generate sales directly from the page by adding the book now button. For this, you have to enlist with any supporting platform like Eat app, which helps you to allow your customers to book the table straight through your profile. 

Take the advantage of location-based advertising.

Location-based advertising allows the restaurant to control customers when they are watching your ads, oftentimes within a certain radius. This feature is enabled on Facebook when any customers walk near your location, and your restaurant's Facebook ad will serve them up. 

According to NinthDecimal’s Mobile Audience Insights Report

Retail mobile ads performed best when served within 2-5 miles of a store—24% better than the average CTR.

Store visits increased 80% within the 1st day a mobile ad was served compared to average store visits.

Track your social media marketing success

Posting content on social media is not enough, as you also have to track and analyze whether the marketing efforts are working well for your business or not. This way, you will come to know what are the different areas you have to invest your time to engage more and more people.

Engage with your customers regularly.

It is true that social media helps you to connect with people both personally and professionally. But engaging with your target audience on a regular basis is also very essential and an important marketing strategy. 

That means communicating with them in various ways like requesting feedback, asking for suggestions related to your business, etc., which helps people recognize your brand easily.

Respond to online reviews

No matter what type of reviews customers are offering to your business, the key to success is showing appreciation for both positive and negative reviews. This way, you can create a transparent and friendly persona online. 

That means in order to be successful, don't be afraid to talk about your flaws and make a public attempt to improve them. Overall, take this opportunity to grow your restaurant business by turning unhappy customers into brand advocates.

Spotlight your employees

Spotlighting your employees is one of the best ways or a great move to grow on social media. However, it helps your website visitors to know you take care of your staff and celebrate their strengths. Profiling individuals behind any business is one of the great ways to humanize the overall experience of customers. 

Moreover, posting pictures behind the scenes can make your followers connected to your business, and people will surely come to your restaurant to dine in.

The bottom line

Social media marketing for restaurants is very important for perfect growth. There are several platforms on which you can advertise your business but make sure to consider the above factors before choosing the best.

However, if you want your social media marketing strategy to work well, ensure that you spread the right word about your business to attract visitors or target audience.

I hope you like this post on best social media marketing for restaurants through which you can take your business to new heights. Best of luck!

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