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Optimize Your Ecommerce Store Landing Pages: Best Tips and Tricks


Optimize Ecommerce Store Landing Pages

The average conversion rate of e-commerce landing pages is about 2.9%. Yes, it’s that low, and there’s more. One second delay in the loading pages can lower your e-commerce store conversion rate by 7%. That’s precisely why optimizing your e-commerce store landing pages makes sense in 2021.

52% of the companies and e-commerce stores that use optimized landing pages have found ways to increase their conversion rate. Therefore, investing time in optimizing your critical e-commerce landing pages is totally worth it. Techosquare is here with 7 tips and tricks to optimize your e-commerce store landing pages and generate more sales.

These conversion tips and tricks are supercritical for e-commerce store performance, So, start paying attention and read on!

Use high definition pictures

Your product images can make or break your e-commerce store conversion rate. Use optimized HD images for your products since it helps visitors to examine the product easily. Don’t believe us? E-commerce stores noticed a 9.5% increase in sales after using high-definition product images.

Here are points to keep in mind while deploying high definition HD images:

● Make sure the background is clean and consistent ( use white background)

● Provide a 360-degree view of the product

● Provide consistent image lighting and contrast


deploying high definition HD images

Implement a product zoom-in feature

People can’t physically examine products while making a purchase online. That’s why you need to provide a powerful zoom-in feature. It will allow visitors to examine every aspect of the product from different angles.

Top brands like Amazon are using this feature to help visitors get the exact look and feel of the product. This feature will increase your e-commerce conversion rate for sure if you are not already using it. If your store is missing this feature, then, engage in e-commerce website development services.

Keep it mobile ready

In 2021, 61% of the consumers said they are more likely to shop from mobile-friendly sites. Google is also showing love for mobile-friendly websites by giving high ranking and visibility to them. This means mobile-friendly websites can greatly boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce store.

Google offers a testing tool that will give a quick answer to whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Simply drop the URL in the search field and see how your landing pages look on smartphone devices.

Reduce loading time

Speed matters a lot in 2021. According to a study, a 1-second delay in the loading time reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. With a slow-loading website, you simply can’t score a great website experience.

The longer you take to optimize your web page speed, the more customers you will lose to competitor websites. PageSpeed Insights is a free tool to examine the site speed.

Detailed description

Another important aspect of optimized landing pages, detailed descriptions help consumers learn all the details about the product. Depending upon the nature of the product, the length of this section can vary.

A lot of people love to compare the product before making a purchase. Having an enticing, informative and optimized description can help you generate more sales. If you are not good at writing, we recommend hiring a content creation expert.

Right color scheme

The research shows that color plays a big role in completing a purchase in some industries. Even if the percentage is not huge in your industry, it still makes sense to obsess with colors a little:

Here are tips to keep in mind while selecting a color scheme for your website:

Choose a color relevant to your logo

Apply color psychology

Consider user experience

Keep it soothing on the eyes

Pay attention to structure

A good website structure makes websites easier to crawl! Without a strong structure, you simply can not expect sales and engagement outcomes. Websites with non-cluttered elements are more likely to retain visitors. Here are tips that can help you create an effective website structure:

Plan out website hierarchy

Create a simple navigation

Keep the most impressive elements in the first fold

Tips to optimize e-commerce landing page: Wrap up

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you to optimize your e-commerce landing page. If you have hired a web design or development company, make sure they use the above to create and optimize the landing pages. In case you haven’t been hired yet, we recommend getting in touch with our experienced team of web designers and developers.

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