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Tricks to Get More Traffic on Your Website

 How to Get More Traffic to Website

All sites are created for different purposes: some sell something, others inform, and still others make money on advertising. And all this is possible only on one condition - if the sites are regularly visited by real people.

But it is extremely difficult to achieve high traffic, especially for a young, newly created site. According to statistics, there are already more than a billion resources on the Internet and half a million more are created every day. The competition is growing by the second, so if you don't start working on increasing website traffic right now and strengthen your position in the niche, others will quickly take your place.

In this article, we will look at efficient  methods of getting traffic that really work and are relevant for almost any resource. Your task is to choose the most suitable ones and get started.


Why do you need to increase website traffic?

Expand the customer base. New visitors can become your customers.

Boost sales. The growth in the number of customers will have a positive effect on the level of sales and profits.

Promote the site in search engines. High traffic will increase the position of the resource in terms of targeted queries in natural search results.

Make money from advertising. You will be able to place banner ads from partners and advertisers on the website pages on favourable terms.


TOP ways to get traffic 

The question “how to increase website traffic” worries every businessman. Below are the key methods that are guaranteed to bring new visits. 

Posts from microbloggers on Instagram 

Find an opinion leader in your niche among microbloggers on Instagram, order advertising in a story or main feed. Ask the blogger to attach a link to your web resource to the ad. We recommend tagging such links with UTM tags so that you can easily assess the effectiveness of different traffic sources. Blogger subscribers will start increasing traffic to your site.

Quiz site

Use quizzes - interesting tests or quizzes on the site to attract user interest, increase engagement, and generate leads. Quiz can drive traffic in several ways:

The results of the test or quiz are beautifully presented to the user, he shares them on social networks, where a new audience comes from;

At the end of the quiz, an active link is embedded that leads to the desired site;

The site offers free useful information that can be obtained after reposting or leaving contact information. 

Facebook lead form

If you have a Facebook account, generate traffic with a lead form. Write a selling post, attach a form to collect applications or download useful information. It will help build a base of potential customers and drive traffic to your website or landing page. To do this, at the end of the form, insert a link to the required resource. Do not forget to invite subscribers to share the post with the application form on their pages. 

SEO promotion 

Develop a full-fledged multi page website and optimise it for SEO. Build a semantic core and include keywords and phrases to be searched for in your content. When searching, your site will appear to the target user in the search results without investing in additional advertising. 

Web design and contextual advertising

Create a one-page website that includes basic company information, unique selling propositions, selling triggers and offers. Make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Professionals from Hopping Mad will help you with that. And contextual advertising will help to attract traffic to your landing page. It must be configured according to the key search queries of the target audience. When users enter a request in the Google search box, a link to your page will appear in the first place.

Some Other Useful tricks to increase traffic 

1. Mobile version. Adapt the site for mobile devices, many users access the Internet only from their phone.

2. Website loading speed. Conduct an SEO audit, fix technical errors, make sure that the pages load quickly, otherwise some users will immediately leave the site.

3. Home screen video. Post a viral sales video on your website that motivates you to buy. Come up with an interesting story for your audience that you want to share on social networks.

4. Online chat and call back. Provide users with convenient ways to communicate on the site to get feedback.

5. Push notifications. Offer to subscribe to site update notifications to ensure consistent traffic for every new blog post.

6. Fast processing of applications. Call back a potential client on the left application during the day, while he is still “warm”.


As you already know, targeted traffic affects the level of website sales and business performance. One of the main tasks of Internet marketing is to increase traffic and conversion of a web resource. We hope that our hacks and advice will help you with that. But, make sure to consult with professionals.

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