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10 Things You Need To Get Right for a Successful SEO Strategy


Successful SEO Strategy

You might've read the word "SEO" somewhere on the web if you are an online business. Startups and small businesses turn to the web to find information about business growth and end up getting intimidated by buzzwords like "SEO" and "Data-driven marketing."

The hype around SEO makes it difficult to understand and often makes people think it's too hard to understand. But in essence, SEO is all about making your business website relevant to your target audience and Search Engines. SEO strategies help you rank #1 on SERPs and enable you to drive sales. 

You're in the right place if you don't know about SEO and what to know about what makes an SEO strategy successful. In this article, we will be focusing on the ten pillars of implementing an SEO strategy that helps you achieve your business goals – keep reading this article till the end! 

1. Identify Your Industry

As mentioned above, SEO is all about building relevancy and providing your audience with the information they want. The first step of creating a successful SEO strategy is identifying your audience in your target audience and finding their key problems. 

You have to do ample research across all online channels to avoid missing any important information. Identifying where your audience is the most active, creating a buyer persona, understanding what interests your readers, and providing them with proper solutions is the key. 

Another great thing about identifying your audience is that it helps you improve your products and services. Research allows you to see where your products and services need improvement. You can read your target audience's feedback to find out things that can help you build a better brand online. 

2. Strategies Of Your Competitors

The good thing about creating and implementing an SEO strategy is that you don't have to create all things by yourself. You can study the techniques of your competitors to find out what works in your industry and what doesn't. 

Understanding how your competitors deal with their prospects and showing up to the target audience is important. You can take a look at the backlinks of your competitor's website, analyze their content, check out the social shares they get to find out what's intriguing for their target audience. 

Another important benefit of analyzing the strategies of your competitors is studying the content they publish online. You might've already heard that "Content is king," and there's no doubt about this famous quote. Reading their content and their readers' response about the content will show the tone and choice of words that your target audience appreciates.

3. A Proper Keyword Research

The backbone of any successful SEO strategy is proper keyword research. Keyword research has changed over the years with the introduction of new tools and updated Google ranking algorithms. You have to ensure that your time is spent finding out the relevant keywords for your industry. 

Most SEO beginners make the mistake of targeting difficult keywords. A better option is focusing on keywords that you can rank for easily. For example, if a top brand ranks for all the industry keywords, you don't have to waste your time trying to rank for those keywords. 

The good thing about keyword research is that there are myriad tools available in the market. You can either work with free tools for keyword research or rely on one of the paid tools in the market. A consensus among SEOs is that you get what you pay for – so paid keyword research tools are a better option.   

4. Focus On Mobile SEO

Mobile users have grown exponentially over the years. From desktop-only internet access to this age of easy internet availability, users now love accessing the internet from their devices in their pockets. This is the reason why you have to focus on Mobile SEO. 

Mobile SEO comprises all the practices that help your websites display the best on mobile devices. If your website shows up nicely on desktops but doesn't even load up on a smartphone browser, then your prospects will have no choice but to close your website. 

Most of the online sales are made through mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, you have to ensure that your website is fit for smartphone users. Make sure that you use the best SEO practices for website optimization. Several SEO tools can help you optimize the speed of your website for mobile users. 

5. Technical SEO Of Your Website

Technical SEO comprises practices that help your website easier to understand and crawl for search engines. No matter how amazing content you have on your website or how many social shares you get online, a lack of proper Technical SEO techniques will keep your website down on the SERPs. 

Best practices of Technical SEO include URL optimization, removal of pages that are not visited often, submitting a robots.txt file of your website, and building a proper hierarchy of all the pages. Technical SEO is indeed "Technical," and you have to focus on it the right way.

6. Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is the strategy for ranking in the local results. You implement strategies that help you rank better in a geographical location. Lack of proven SEO strategies can make you lose the amazing opportunity of closing sales from customers. 

In a Local SEO strategy, you have to focus on things like targeting local keywords, listing your website on Google My Business, and building local backlinks to help your website rank higher for local keywords. These strategies allow you to build authority in your local audience, so you can go on to claim amazing international rankings. 

7. White-Hat SEO Strategies

White-Hat SEO strategies are the strategies that are used by big names in the industry and have been endorsed by Google. The difficult thing about SEO is that it takes time to get results. People who are in a hurry often end up hiring agencies that use Black-Hat SEO strategies. 

An easy way of understanding Black-Hat SEO strategies is by comparing them to scamming. In scamming, you lie to the people in the industry. These strategies are the equivalent of choosing strategies that Google does not endorse. Rankings earned by Black-Hat SEO strategies are short-lived and get removed in no time. 

Ensure that you implement the White-Hat SEO strategies whether you are doing SEO yourself or have hired someone for the task. Doing this will ensure that you get organic rankings that stay on SERPs for years. 

8. Building Backlinks 

Backlinks are the most important factor for higher rankings on SERPs. Backlinks show the trust other top websites have in your brand. The presence of more backlinks shows that your content is helpful, and people use it to get the right information. 

Building backlinks is not an easy task. You can get crappy backlinks in no time, but if you want to earn quality backlinks, you will have to spend your time earning them through trusted sources. Guest posting and Blogger outreach are two of the most famous backlinking strategies that can help any business earn quality backlinks. 

9. Content Is Essential 

Content is the No#1 factor that decides the ranking of a website. No matter how focused you are on Mobile optimization, Local SEO, or backlinking, your website will not rank on top of SERPs if there's no quality content on your web pages. 

The difficult thing about writing quality content is that it requires proper expertise and takes more time than most people think. Writing content that resonates with your audience is not an easy task. A writer has to first analyze all the pages that rank on top, identify what sets them apart from other pages, learn information about the target audience, and then write and edit the content well perceived by the readers. 

Writing content can take most of your time. There's no way of ensuring high rankings if your web pages lack actionable content. What if you spend all your time writing content and don't focus on other aspects of an SEO strategy? The only solution to this problem is hiring credible companies like Globex Writing Services. A writing agency will provide you the content that will build your brand and attract more leads to your business. 

10. Tracking Your Progress

The best thing about an SEO strategy is that it's Data-driven. You don't have to make your decisions in the dark by guessing about your industry. SEO allows you to identify the demand of your target industry, helps you analyze your competitors, and allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

An important phase of implementing an SEO strategy is tracking the progress of your strategy. Tracking allows you to make changes that can help you get better results. Proper tracking helps you find the shortcomings in your strategy, so you can shift your focus on other things that are more important for your brand. You can use trusted tools like Google Analytics for measuring the progress of your SEO strategy. 

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