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9 Simple Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with more than 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram launched a short-form video format Reels to increase engagement and your Instagram following. Reels are similar to TikTok and allow users to post videos for up to 60 seconds. Most people use Instagram reels to showcase their skills and to entertain the other users on Instagram. If you are an entrepreneur you could use Instagram reels to launch new products and promote your products. Use Instagram reels in the correct way to get more engagement to signal the relevancy of your post to the algorithm. This is an article about how to use Instagram reels for business. 

Instagram Reels

Show Your Product

Create Instagram reels videos to showcase your products and increase the account visibility. Use reels videos to launch new products and explain shortly about your product. Post “how-to” or tutorial videos on reels to show how to use your products creating Instagram reels. You might use the green screen effect on reels to show your product in unusual spots, which will attract more audiences and help to gain more interactions. Add links or tag your product on the reels which helps people to check out your products. Create interesting and entertaining reels videos to enhance engagement and to drive traffic to your profile. Using Instagram reels to show your product will help to develop your business on a huge social media platform

Create Unique Content

Unique content is completely different from the other content. Most brands create similar content in their own style so, your content must be different from others to receive more interactions. The unique content will rank on the Instagram explore page and go viral. Create the original concept, not the copy of others to receive massive traffic to your profile. You can post product teaser videos, and run challenges using Instagram reels to get prioritized by the Instagram algorithm. When your content is different from others people would take interest in visiting your profile and purchasing your product. Posting unique on Instagram reels will help to increase the sales and grow your business.  

Create Educational Content

The best strategy to develop your business using reels is to educate audiences. Some people use Instagram reels to learn something that they don’t know. For example, if your business is skincare, you could post videos about acne, how people try to overcome it, and how your products help them. People are more likely to buy your product when they happen to watch such kinds of videos. On getting satisfied by using your product, your customers would definitely share it with their friends. This will indeed help you gain more followers on Instagram who will turn into your customers. You could also use Instagram reels to answer the frequently asked questions about your product and brand. Educate your audiences by posting how to use your products' videos to get more engagement and traffic. This is the best way to gain popularity on Instagram using reels. 

Upload Behind-The-Scenes Video

Most of the brands are afraid of posting behind-the-scenes videos on their Instagram account. To grow your business you could post behind-the-scenes videos to showcase how much effort you and your employees put into producing the product. Posting videos that reveal the hidden working process of your brand will help to reach new audiences. Uploading this kind of video using reels is an effective way to increase the number of reels views on Instagram to boost your brand's visibility. This builds trust in your customers and helps you to engage with them. Use Instagram reels in the best way to increase your sales potential and posting this kind of video doesn’t reveal your marketing strategy anymore. So, don’t be afraid of posting such videos in your Instagram reels. 

Post-User-Generated Content

Rather than Instagram ads and promotions, more people consider that the user-generated content is more valuable so create those kinds of content using Instagram reels. Many cosmetic brands use this strategy to showcase their customers' reviews of their products. Remember to ask permission from the user to post it on your Instagram page otherwise, you might face a copyright problem. Facing this kind of issue on Instagram, it signals the algorithm to consider your content as spam and it will delete it automatically from your account. Posting UGC content will help to interact with your customers and it is one of the main reasons for your brand's success. This could be the smart way to get more traffic to show your product to the best people on Instagram. 

Create Fun Clips

Most Instagram users love to watch interesting and entertaining video clips. Nowadays many brands create fun videos and ads to highlight their products. If you want to receive more interactions, creating entertaining videos using reels to showcase your product is the best way. This will increase your brand's visibility and help to reach more new audiences in a short time. Upload blooper videos, time-lapse videos, and other fun experiences of your employees to attract more audiences. Currently, blooper videos receive more engagement and trending so, posting blooper videos is the cool strategy to show your product. Posting fun clips will win more viewers' hearts and trigger them to buy your products. When you receive more engagement your content will appear on the Instagram explore page and help to grab more traffic for your account. 

Move On With Trend

Create reels videos to generate more engagement and traffic by moving on with Trends. Check Instagram daily to analyze what is trending to plan your concept and create reels. While using the trending one in your video could go viral and reach more audiences on Instagram. Use the trending hashtags and captions on your reels to attract more people in a short period. Analyze new video, audio, hashtags, and captions and make use of them in your content to enhance your engagement and to drive more traffic to your profile. While you use the trends there is a chance your video might appear on the user's Instagram explore page. Once your video appears on the explore page it amplifies your brand engagement exponentially. 

Don’t Delete Reels

Most brands delete the reel's video which is lesser in engagement. If you want to develop your brand avoid deleting reels videos that received less engagement. The videos with less engagement might go viral anytime and rack up views and interactions. The audio, hashtags, and captions you used in those contents might get trendy when most people use them. So don’t delete such kinds of your past videos posted in Instagram reels. This is one of the best ways to increase interaction and engagement. You could also repost your TikTok videos on Instagram reels to attract more attention because your Instagram audience has no chance to watch those videos. This will help to increase credibility and drive more traffic to your Instagram profile. 

Post Reels Videos In Correct Time

To attract more audiences on Instagram, post videos at the correct time. Use the Instagram reels insight feature to understand when most of your audiences are active and how they interacted with your past reel's video. Post videos when your audiences are active to get immediate interaction because your reels video will appear first at your audience's screen. You can schedule a day between the weeks to post reels videos or post one video daily to make your brand look more reliable and active. Avoid posting reels videos randomly because people get bored seeing your videos frequently on their screen. Uploading reels at the perfect time will increase interaction and engagement. 

Additional Tip To Follow 

Analyze how your audiences interacted with your previous posts. Use Instagram reels insight to know which type of content your audiences like and create content for their wish to enhance engagement. Add captions and related hashtags to your content to attract more audiences. Check out what is trending and make use of them in your style and use trending hashtags to show your content to the best people on Instagram. Share your reel's content in your Instagram feed and upload a story to show that you have posted new reels to get more traffic. Add text on your reels video and check whether it is placed in the correct position and then post your reels. 


Check and use all the reels features to generate more engagement. Instagram reels is a new marketing feature to develop your brand. Create unique content by following the 9 above-mentioned ways to get prioritized by the Instagram algorithm. Instagram reels offer more opportunities to grow your business so take advantage and make your brand look more active on Instagram. Provide some offers on your products to trigger the audiences to visit your brand frequently to increase interactions. Once your engagement is high your content will appear on the explore page and you could develop your business in a short period. 

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