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Is NetSuite able to help you improve your SEO ranking?

NetSuite, one of the world’s top cloud computing companies, has offered businesses a comprehensive solution to build, manage and market their business. The best part is that you can get all the mentioned functionalities without much manual effort, which is why it is ranked in the top 20 companies globally. 

NetSuite help improve your SEO ranking

The best business management application helps you automate the business functionality and help market your business effectively. The robust software has equally strong SEO tools that help improve your online SEO ranking. The SEO benefit of NetSuite is commendable, and this article gives a complete overview of the same. Further, this article will help you maximize the system to get the best search rankings as you grow. 

SEO – What does it mean?

To get deeper into this topic, it is better to learn what SEO means in business terms. As such, your website’s ranking is wholly based on SEO, and it is imperative at the moment to understand the fundamentals of the same. 

The process of improving the quality of the web traffic includes the quantity by enhancing the visibility of your website every time a similar product or service is searched through search engines by the users. 

What is seo

So, how to improve quality web traffic? It is done by projecting or displaying the right product or service to the right customer searching for it through the search engines. In other words, directing the right customer to the right website can make purchasing decisions if they are satisfied. It can also do it through promotional Ads in various other applications and websites. 

Let us understand the same in Layman’s words. If you are looking for a product or a service, you will tend to Google it. As you do that, you may find multiple websites displayed as search results. Those results are websites of various companies that offer the product or service that you are looking for. So, you shall click on the website and look for the development and attempt to purchase it, if you like them. It is called SEO.

SEO Ranking – How impactful is it for your organization?

We shall get to know another web jargon before we get further

SERP: Search Engine Results Page

So, SEO ranking is the position of a website in SERP. There are a few clinical factors that influence the ranking of the website. A couple of them are:

1. Content relevance to the term searched

2. Qualified Backlinks that directs the search to the page

A customer might prefer to click on a top-ranked website. More importantly, the customers have the habit of not looking further by going to other search results pages. That means to say, the more the presence of a website on the first page of SERP and the first page, the greater possibility of a product or a service sign up. It holds perfectly well in the reciprocal too.

What is NetSuite SEO?

Enterprise Resource Planning required the knowledge of SEO when NetSuite launched SuiteCommerce. The eCommerce Sites needed the extra edge to stay on top in the market. NetSuite SEO answers all the SEO needs, be it keyword requirement or improvement in SEO rankings. 

The best part is that you can build SEO-friendly URLs and websites that can attract web traffic as an organization. It can be a static or a dynamic website; the visibility drastically increases. The search engine social pages are made with

1. Customizable title

2. Customizable meta tags

3. Image alt-tags

You can also create short URLs that are search engine conducive for dynamic web pages. You can preserve the current search rankings tool. 

NetSuite SEO and Hotshots

Let us connect with what we said earlier. SEO ranking is the position of your webpage in the SERP. Now, this is done by Google. That means to say, as you search for a particular product or a service using any specific term, Google will search for the websites with similar content and validate its weightage. It is done using a specific algorithm called ‘Hotshot’. We say that properly implementing NetSuite with help of the right NetSuite Implementation Partner can help rank your website higher because NetSuite SEO has hotshots in it.

The websites are created with such hotshots and connect with the searched item to display it in a higher-ranked position. Moreover, the dynamic pages can quickly adapt themselves to reach the top rank if the product or service is searched for most of the time. After all, Google offers the users the right product when they search for it using the search engine.

At this juncture, we must also get to know two types of SEO available. The types of SEO determine the criteria considered while an item is searched using web search engines.

1. Onsite SEO

The web search engines will look for 

  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Photos
  • Content

2. Offsite SEO

The search engine has a different mode to select your website to position it on the SERP. It looks for the reviews and other comments regarding your website in other public online sources. It will determine whether the website can be positioned or not on the SERP. 

Keeping most of the technological aspects intact, NetSuite helps any website to improve its ranking. Further, building the website using NetSuite’s guidance is of significant significance too. Most of the eCommerce sites that had sprouted with the help of NetSuite have been doing well. It is mainly because of the SEO rankings and SEO guidance offered so far. 

NetSuite always sees a unique perspective behind any business model. In this case of SEO, the objectives set by the cloud computing firm have instead made it practical for the organizations that utilize its services.


Prime Objectives of NetSuite SEO

1. Mobile-Friendly Websites: The users mostly use their mobile phones to go online. The trend is getting higher day by day. Usage of the desktop or the laptop is minimal when it comes to online use and search aspects. Keeping this as the behavioral trend among the people, NetSuite has set the search options to be mobile-friendly. That means to say, the websites that are flexible both in mobile, as well as the desktop version, are set to rank higher. Moreover, the websites that you create using NetSuite are automatically used on cross platforms. Be it Android or iOS, or Windows, and the website is compatible and delectable to view on any device. The SEO NetSuite checks for the website if it is mobile compatible as well. 

2. Speed and Loading time: NetSuite has read the minds of the users. Why not? Being in the industry for 2 decades, the customer tendency to abandon a website if it loads slowly is a significant factor for a sales miss. It is avoided in NetSuite SEO. The web pages are created so that the load time is also not high; simultaneously, the transition speed of the web pages is also commendable. NetSuite SEO searches for a website that has a faster transition time and loads time. 

3. Relevance in Content: NetSuite SEO looks for content relevancy. Content is king, and appropriate sectoring of content under respective titles are necessary. It has been kept as one of the prime objectives. NetSuite recommends setting strong content in the website to survive in the industry. 

4. Optimization of Keywords: The most crucial aspect in the entire SEO process is Keyword Optimization. NetSuite helps in this regard and supports the websites to rank higher as the user uses the keyword-optimized. It suggests valuable keywords that are used by users worldwide. 

Maximizing SEO using NetSuite

NetSuite for SEO is developed with robust functions. Not only is the keyword-optimized, but also the images, URL, tags, and other attributes. The website boost is given through a clinical approach, and there is no doubt that the rank is always higher for a website that uses NetSuite. Some of the essential techniques are given below to gain maximum results. The SEO NetSuite can be improved by


1. Images

The users have started to search using images. It means to say, having delectable pictures on your web page can increase the SERP ranking. It is a known fact that ideas help in making the website a worthy one. In the eyes of Google, such websites are worth displaying in the search results.

2. Incredible Content

NetSuite recommends keeping the content to be the best on the website. Be it the title, keywords, or description, the content must be immaculate to stay top of business. Content is a vital web factor for search engine results. 

3. Tags and URL

The main idea of SEO is to reach out to the right customers. That means to say, you must have corrected or suitable tags and URLs to direct the customer to the right place. 

All said and done; there are a few factors that determine your SEO ranking. Of course, keywords play an essential role, and NetSuite helps to optimize them for you. But lately, it has been observed that organizations fail to understand the difference between a transactional query and a sale query. What happens is, this confusion has to lead them to select keywords, and many transactional queries come over and fewer sales query searches. 

It impacts the business a lot. However, NetSuite gives correct suggestions based on your website and online visibility. All the more, your website’s visibility matters a lot in the beginning and then step up for other digital marketing campaigns. The good news for the organizations is that Google has started ranking the websites based on mobile. That gives a wave to those developers who must develop cross-platform websites. Moreover, the desktop search options and search rankings are being lowered and nullified in the days to come. 

Any organization that sells online will understand the importance of SEO. It is equally important to realize that the market has outdated SEO technology platforms too. Either you can enroll in NetSuite so that you can learn and grow, or stick to the same old technology and still learn but not grow. 

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