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8 Amazing SEO Tools To Track Your Website Performance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the hardest part in shining a website on Google. The website rank keeps on changing constantly according to the Google algorithm. So, a regular update on the latest SEO developments is essential to outrank your competition. The right SEO tools will make SEO traction easier. The good news is, there are plenty of amazing SEO tools to track your website performance and get a better ranking on search results. 

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools are important for businesses or individuals to grow the online strategy of a website in an organic way. There are different platforms with various SEO tools to improve your website ranking on the SERP. Using SEO tools provides features and functionality of the site. Some of the essential things that are included in SEO tools are website rank tracking, accurate keyword research, backlink aids, and reports.

When you have the best SEO tools, it makes it much easier to track your website and get ranked on search engines which booms your business. Finding the right SEO tools stays as an investment for your website growth and makes it possible to climb the rank on search results. 

Why SEO Tools?

Do you struggle in finding the target keyword? No worries! With the SEO tools, you can gain the benefit of online strategy and top rank your site on Google. When you use these tools, you will get a complete report of your website performance which helps to measure up your competitions. Find great opportunities on SEO tools that allow you to measure search performances.

If you are a person managing more than a website, SEO tools give a hand to assess the performance of each site and reduce the manual work. Many entrepreneurs having multiple sites end up analyzing the website manually. Luckily, many SEO software compresses the risk of website reports and makes them more accurate by saving several hours of manual work.

Since there are several SEO tools, a question arises in every mind of a website owner. Which tool suits best for my website? Get the answer below with the amazing top 8 SEO tools to improve your ranking and amplify your online visibility.

SEO Tools

Top 8 SEO Tools To Uplift Your Website Ranking

Here we introduce the best SEO tools that work in your favor to improve your website ranking on the search engines. Come, Let’s jump in the right place! We can just start our listing from widely popular SEO tools from Google.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides you access to a wide range of data for improving your website’s SEO. Get complete traction of your site and detailed data about your site visitors and their actions.

While using the Google Analytics tool, it gives you three types of traction activity for your site.

Pageviews: When an individual visits any of your pages on your website, it gets triggered each time.

Events: If a person performs some actions on your site, the event metrics get initialized.

Transactions: If an individual purchases something on your website, the transaction gets started. 

Google analytics tool accelerates your marketing efforts with improved website SEO and site performance.

Best Features:

● With the Google Analytics tool, you can add secondary dimensions to separate the data and get deeper in analyzing your website.

● Advanced filters help to focus on important factors responsible for website growth.

● The Google Analytics tool is designed with the pivot view, where you can create a quick table without any Google or Excel sheets.

Pricing: Free!

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

GSC known as Google Search Console is an important SEO tool for gathering data about your website metrics like indexing on search results, keyword performance, mobile usability, and more. It identifies and provides a way to rectify your website problems.

With the use of GSC, individuals can easily find the performing keywords, low click-through rate, optimize your page with an increase in Google rank, and fix sitemap issues. 

Best Features:

● GSC provides an index coverage report that mainly focuses on the crawling activity of your site by Google. Also, it finds the issues that prevent your site from getting indexed on search results.

● The URL inspection tool in GSC allows you to inspect how Google sees your site.

● The overview of the GSC report is a snapshot of your site’s technical performance in search engines.

Pricing: Free!

3. SEMrush


SEMrush is a popular all-in-one SEO platform with several tools to boost and track your website performance. Use all the tools required for creating high-quality content, improving technical SEO, and finding manual link-building opportunities. People can try it free for seven days and enjoy the performance.

Generally, backlinks and keyword research are very essential in SEO, and the SEMrush tool allows you to find the right keyword. SEO audit of your site becomes easy with SEMrush because it identifies the site issues and provides a way to achieve the best results. The platform is extremely useful for beginners and gives a most detailed dashboard to track their performance.

Best Features:

● Get an excellent online support

● Analyze competitor backlinks and their target keywords

● Track the traffic of your competitors and their ranking

●Find your target keywords to run PPC campaigns and get an outstanding outcome

● Monitor your website backlinks

● Check your site’s SEO ranking

Pricing: Free for a limited period of 7 days. When you go for a paid plan annually, it starts with $83.3/month.

4. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is another best all-in-one SEO platform that provides a tracking list similar to SEMrush. When analyzing this tool in-depth, Ahrefs goes a step forward and helps to achieve your goal. Use Ahrefs tool to maximize your website performance in a very simple way. Ahrefs does have a set of useful SEO tools that gives a perfect SEO strategy to grow your website.

Take a little while to learn the platform and utilize the features for your site. The best backlink analysis tool is available at Ahrefs and provides you the ability to find popular content with the right keyword. Overall, Ahref is the perfect online SEO tool to get a detailed report on your website’s performance.

Best Features:

● View the high-traffic profiles and search results of any website

● Perform SEO audit of any website and know the performance

● Get thousands of matching keywords in a single search

● Analyze target keywords with organic traffic

● Search the high-performing content

● Track your ranking regularly and compare it with your competitors

Pricing: The paid plan of annual billing starts at $82 per month.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu is the best SEO tool for performing the best competitor analysis. Though it doesn’t act as an all-in-one platform, it delivers the best analysis against your competitors. As the name itself indicates, it acts as a spy on your business industry and legally reveals all those SEO practises. Use the SpyFu tool and level up your site in ranking based on the competitions if you use it in the correct way.

Another best part of SpyFu is, you can access all the SEO data based on your level of service selection. If you are a person searching to find a competitive edge in your niche industry, SpyFu helps to achieve it faster. It lets you identify the target keywords and shows all the ads run by your competitors.

Best Features:

● Get suggestions for keyword expansion and track your ad with PPC ad rank tracking

● Track your competitors with the best PPC strategies

● Find the organic keywords of your competitors

● View the past ranking history

● Monitor the data of clicks count per week, day, or month

Pricing: Start using SpyFu annual plan at $33/month.

6. Moz Pro:

Moz Pro

Moz is a trusted and recognized platform with excellent tools in the SEO world. The layout of Moz software is user-friendly and provides the perfect tracking list. With Moz usage, you can get complete details to up-rank your site on search results.

View the page tracking rules with competitor research for making your website famous. Since the tool is a data-driven approach, you can increase the site’s value on the SEO market. The Moz Pro enables the option to search long-tail keywords for your domain and others. While using this tool for keyword research, it shows the difficulty score of the particular word. In addition, the tool gives suggestions regarding on-page SEO and alerts on crawling errors.

Best Features:

● Get the data of a competitor keyword along with the search volume

● Find the suggestions for searched keyword

● Utilize chrome extension to find DA & PA of other sites without scrolling the Moz website.

Pricing: Free trial is available for 30 days. After the free trial, the paid plan starts at $99/month.

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin that has the features to cover the full SEO of website content. Conduct readability checks and canonical URLs to remove the duplicates and avoid Google confusion. 

Using Yoast SEO offers keyword optimization and provides a preview option to view pages before publication. With the premium version, get the perfect keyword suggestion for your content. Also, get 24/7 support on the premium package.

Best Features:

● Get rid of the duplicate content

● Provide meta title and description to optimize your content on the search results

● Use specific keywords for your content

● Create sitemap and permalinks automatically, which handles the SEO tasks

Pricing: You can either use the free version or go for the premium one at $89 for a year.

8. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is a web-based SEO tool packed with great features to increase your website performance. The tool has the power to sort all issues of SEO content.

With the use of the Searchmetrics tool, you can improve your website SEO and web content. The overall report of this tool shows valuable data provided with the visual graph. 

Best Features: 

● Spot errors using an SEO crawler

● Improves backlink strategy with in-built linking tools

● Set a custom crawl for monitoring your website regularly

● Find the keywords of your competitors

Final Thoughts

SEO is a long-term process to get the reflection on your website. Moreover, pay more attention to moving to the best SEO tools and monitor your SEO performance regularly. SEO tools reduce your efforts and optimize your site on search engines. All the features give a better path to increase your website ranking. 

Step ahead in your website growth with the right SEO tool!

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