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Unique SEO Tactics That Deliver Big Results

Top 11 SEO tactics to give you the best results 

Every content created wants the stop position for its contents at the browser search list. Google or any other website has its own AI, which prioritises specific posts over others when a close search. This is called search engine optimisation or SEO. SEO writing and maintenance is not easy as the policies of Google keep on changing from time to time. However, if you are a new blog or concern created and want to showcase your content at the top of the search engine, you must follow these 11 tactics.

Unique SEO Tactics

1. Create original research posts which are highly linkable 

Whether you are a site or a single person blog content creator, this is the most straightforward option at your hand. Websites like Backlinko have more than 1000 domains to refer to if you create an original research post. You can create "highly linkable" content on Facebook with these steps. 

● Search groups on your niche with more than 1000 members. 

● Create some poll posts capable of addressing buzzing questions of your niche. 

● Create new blogs to reveal your results. 

These are the bare minimum to start a new venture with blogs. However, it is highly recommended that new bloggers post a blog every three months. 

2. Find the “most searched” stats in the industry you write on

Reporters and bloggers go to Google now and then to find stats they use in their articles. It would help to search all the keyword phrases for those stats in your industry. It creates interest within the reader, and your blogs will automatically find links to other Blogspot or news sites. 

You must find out the post titles which are highest in numbers in the current year. One can also find links to other stats where the blog itself carries very few. 

3. Give passive links to read articles in "low- competition phrases highly"

A recent study found out that as many as 10000 non-brand keywords. The position one link on Google has an average of 24 backlinks which falls under the "do follow" category. 

Reporters publish their contents with immediate deadlines. They take their information from the URLs, which rank top at a Google search. Therefore, you must use at least half of your posts on "low competition " phrases to give you the position one rankings. 

4. Do podcasts 

If you want to get high DA backlinks, the best way is to create a podcast interview. Then, with your interview going live, the podcast does a show notes option on the page with a site offering a backlink with a domain. Here are free steps to arrange your podcast

● Visit "Apple Podcasts Charts" to make a list of the top 300 to 350 shows in your industry. 

● Remove all shows consisting of less than 40 DA. 

● Check the RSS feed to find out the email address for each host.

● Send an email to the host about how you can benefit from reaching his audience to promote ideas to the other side. 

5. Target paid ads to promote your ‘linkable’ contents 

Paid ads are the most immediate source of income for your blogs. Suppose you are writing a blog on a GPA Calculator. Now, if your blog gets automatic backlinks, use the maximum promotion to multiply your results. Se promotion strategies are 

● Use your favourite tool to check the backlink profile. 

● Find out the post with the maximum number of backlinks. 

● Make equal promotion with paid ads before more individuals link those from their websites. 

The most popular ad channels on the internet are Facebook, Google and Twitter. 

6. Estimate traffic potential 

People use keywords from what keywords tools provide. Unfortunately, these are primarily generic and make minimal impact on SEO

If you aim for single-phase keywords, they are helpful for Google Ads. But organic search demands actual traffic converting to your content. So you can use websites like RankIQ or Ahrefs to bring out the most appropriate keywords to attract the most traffic

7. Search keywords with "multiple zero backlinks." 

A first-page ranking is obtainable in less than two months if you follow this technique. The steps to use keywords with multiple zero backlinks are. 

● Find the SERP data in the keyword research tool for the target phrase. 

● Look at the backlinks on URLs that rank on the beginning page of that keyword phrase. 

● Once you discover two URLs with zero backlinks, put the phrase into the post planner. 

Follow these steps, and rest assured that your content will be there on the first page without adding any link. 

8. Identify the right keywords 

Many content hubs are strategically interlinked. These are helpful to push your content higher at the Google rankings. 

Create your post to find out the contents of your content hub. You can start by researching the top 10 sites where those keywords are found. Here are some steps which are helpful to find the right keyword strategy. 

Let's assume you are creating an inventor and invention post. You can derive all keywords where the record of related phrases are available. 

● Create a page that would become your hub with excellent titles. 

● Organise all inventors with time. 

● Write one or two paragraphs on the inventor. 

● Add like those inventions and the blog posts where those inventions are available. 

● Create a content hub link called “The Best Inventions in Human History". This link should be at the end of the hub as well. 

9. Attract ranking for more than one snippet 

Many studies affirmed that the highest length of featuring snippets is not more than 50 to 50 words. This word count is the same as the mean size of a paragraph which consists of three sentences. So, to engage a reader, the snippet should be within three lines capable of holding the attention span for the reader. 

10. Use SEO tools to become more comprehensive.

Many SEO tools are misleading in nature. They will rarely find the right keyword for you. However, keyword tools such as Clearscope and RankIQ identify all your needs in a blog to compete for page one in the Google search engine.

The keyword, as mentioned earlier, tools also consist of AI content graders. This helps you know where you are right now and how far you need to go. 

11. Create infographics for stats 

Stat infographics are the most valuable tools to create backlinks and social shares. To make a stat infographic, you should follow the following steps. 

● Make a Google search with your blog's "statistics + related topics". For example, "Marketing statistics for influencers". 

● Find out the top 10 most appealing stats. 

● Create an aspect ratio of 16:9 of the image to highlight the stats and your sources. 

● Now you have to place the stat infographic strategically in your blogpost. 

The 16:9 aspect ratio will help your image be visible on most mobiles and computers. 

Hope you read this blog thoroughly and quickly plan to shift your SEO strategy by implementing these measures. 

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